Global_product_disturbtionIf you ask 10 marketers the secrets to getting your product into retail distribution you will get 10 different answers. Why is that? It is because getting your product in retail chains is no easy task. Anyone who says differently does not truly work in this industry.

There are hundreds of thousands of products and retail chains that may or may not see your product as a good fit. So what is our answer to the question? Work with experts who know the industry, have long relationships with key retail distribution buyers and take the time to get to know your product and how they will fit with each potential retail outlet. Put simply, partner with Global Product Placement.

WHY PARTNER WITH Global Product Placement

Global Product Placement already has the relationships in all industries. It is very important to understand a retailer before just throwing a product at them. Each retailer has a different business model, style, corporate culture and needs. We understand the types products a retail outlet already carry and identify the exact place where your product would fit. Global Product Placement also understands how to make your product attractive both in terms of marketing and actual placement. We regularly work with retailers and even solve some of their problems by supplying products that fill a gap they may have or provide additional benefit to them.

Global Product Placement is in a unique position with a combined 100+ years of product branding, retail distribution and licensing endorsement management. We have clients and partners with such a wide range of product types and industry types that there is no product category we cannot thrive in.


Services – We are a full service Brand and Product Distribution agency with the ability to handle any aspect of your product marketing and distribution. Here is a short list of what we can offer.

Do you have a product ready for retail distribution? You need experts in your corner when promoting your product to the world! Contact Global Product Placement Today!

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GPP and its three founding members, Terry Collier, Daniel Velasco and Shaun Beattie have a world of retail distribution knowledge. We pride ourselves on being hands on and believe building strong relationships with both buyers and suppliers is the key to global retail distribution success. All founders offer over 30+ years experience in the retail distribution channels from FMCG, fashion, fragrances and general everyday commodities. GPP offer a world network that is priceless, making GPP your only choice when thinking about global retail distribution, as we say "GPP - Together we can achieve".