retail-analyticsWe know that just because you have a great product that does not necessarily mean you know exactly how to assess what it can do in a retail environment on a global scale. We can provide a full-scale assessment with projections and analytics for a company’s capabilities of Production, Lead Times, Global Retail Reach and sell thru potential based on history of the category of product in a specific market and/or vendors. Launching a retail campaign without this is like throwing a dart at a wall with a blindfold on. Global Product Placement knows how to construct the right platform for you and your product. Our proven methods will outline and define your best scenario for your product launch, manage risk & streamline all efforts.

Global Product Placement’s formula on assessing your projections and analytics is a key factor in helping guide you into the optimum retail channels, whether it be through Big Box, Mass Merchant, Club Stores and warehouses, C-stores, Airport Concessions or where ever your product needs to be sold. As a group we strategize to insure that your product reaches its fullest potential by bringing it to the optimum retail marketplace and maximizing product salability whether it be on the shelf or through the dotcoms.

If you are not 100% sure of your product launch plan and how it will unfold, Contact Global Product Placement Today!