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If you are a musician, you are passionate about music and most likely you are focused on just that. But its no secret that one of the most exciting things about being a successful musician is getting that awesome endorsement deal! This means playing that guitar or amp you love or it might mean that drum kit you have always wanted, and eve better still, it might mean those big dollars you have been hoping you would get! The questions are how do you get a good licensing deal? How do I prove I deserve it? What am I going to do to negotiate it once I have one in front of me? AND what are my responsibilities once you get one?

This is where Global Product Placement comes in. We know the music industry and we know endorsement deals! It is quite typical that most aspects of the music business elude the artist completely when it comes to endorsement deals and negotiations with corporations and businesses. Most musicians and artists want the endorsement deals but they have absolutely nothing to offer the endorsement company or don’t know how to package what they do have to offer.

Lets face it, Bands want everything handed to them. They want someone to book all their shows because they don’t want to do it. They want management to make things happen because they don’t know how and they want free gear, clothes or what ever else they can get for free and giving nothing in return. WHY NOT? They have spent their lives dedicated to their art, now it’s time they surround themselves with professionals who have done the same. Global Product Placement has dedicated our lives to the “in’s & out’s” of the endorsement and licensing world. So it only makes sense for us to partner up with the band or artist and make happen what they simply are not equipped to do! It is a great partnership!

We understand that when it comes to endorsements for artists, it’s all about the exposure for the endorsee. How many shows are you playing a year? How many people per average show? How good is your social media campaign? How good are your photos and videos? How influential are you among your peers and people who look up to you as a musician? We make sure we understand marketing and branding so we can connect the two goals. The goal of the endorsing company and the musician/artist!

The Brand Endorsee Needs

You have a product that would benefit from being endorsed by a musician, artist or band… but how do you approach an endorsement deal?

Musicians, Artist and Celebrities have been endorsing brands, products and services for a very long time and has proven to be a very worthwhile marketing option for establishing credibility among the public. As useful as a celebrity endorsement is for generating brand awareness, it has not been a marketing tactic that small business owners typically think they can afford. In addition to calculating your marketing efforts you also have to now calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a celebrity endorsement and it can be challenging. So how does a company approach and balance the options of having a Musician, Artist, Band or Celebrity endorsement as a part of their marketing plan? And how do you approach the Celebrity once you decide you want to go that route? Well, Global Product Placement has good news for you! The world of celebrity endorsements is changing. Today, the pool of celebrities includes Musicians, Bands, Artists of all Kinds, Celebrity Athletes, A-list Hollywood superstars as well as reality TV celebrities and internet celebrities. Small businesses, new products and established brands all have more opportunities to secure celebrity spokespeople than ever and Global Product Placement has the relationships and experience to bring the right partnership to the table and negotiate the right deal for your product, goals and budget!

Contact Global Product Placement for your Brand Endorsement Needs and let us help you make the right deal for your brand!

If you have a PRODUCT that would benefit from endorsements by a band or artist, Contact Global Product Placement Today!

If you are a MUSICIAN OR ARTIST that would benefit from brand endorsements and/or licensing, Contact Global Product Placement Today!

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