Direct Response Television– Also known as ‘DRTV’ and ‘As Seen On TV’

maximize-tvIs your product perfect for television? Can you see your product selling from an infomercial or TV Commercial?

Global Product Placement knows direct response-marketing and have a team that specializes in product launch through DRTV. We can design, manage and optimize television campaigns for national brands.

Global Product Placement takes a strategic approach to maximizing the exposure of your television campaign while launching multiple offline and online marketing channels to gain the most possible sales/leads in your campaign while getting brand recognition for your company name. In addition to this, your product exposure on television will allow us multiple new opportunities for your retail adoption because of the power of AS SEEN ON TV!

Global Product Placement has a team with 20 years experience in Television marketing and we can deliver full service, turn-key campaign management.

  • Production –high quality production of your commercial at the best rates around. Our production department is a highly experienced creative team with an understanding of how to create the best suited brand representation with the most appealing call-to-action for converting the most possible sales or leads. Our job is to get you the best creative possible for a modest budget so you can focus on the retail sales of your product!
  • Long Form and Short Form -
  • Media Management – We can manage your media buys, create a media plan with proper test buys, tracking and optimizing for the best ‘bang for your buck’ in media.
  • With 20+ years of relationships in the TV & Media Placement, we can provide media plans for fraction of what you would expect to spend on television media. Our job is to get you the best return on your media budget.


If you already have a television presence we can coordinate all supporting marketing channels to maximize your television media spend. If you do not yet have a television campaign but are prime for one, we can take you to television and implement a fully optimized direct response strategy.

Does your product belong on TV? Contact Global Product Placement Today!