Do you have a product that belongs on store shelves or in major online markets?

Global Product Placement, one of the fastest growing Product Placement Firms Worldwide, is expanding to service even more products and brands to the world markets.

“If you ask 10 marketers the secrets to getting your product into retail distribution you will get 10 different answers. Why is that? It is because getting your product in retail chains is no easy task. Anyone who says differently does not truly work in this industry.” Says Shaun Beattie, Global Product Placement Co-Founder/President. Shaun continues, “It is very important to understand a retailer before just throwing a product at them. Each retailer has a different business model, style, corporate culture and needs. We have the expertise and relationships that make the difference for YOU with a combined 100+ years of product branding , retail product distribution and licensing endorsement management.



Kirkland, Washington. —Feb 9, 2014— Who do you talk to if you want to get your product on the shelves of Walmart, Costco, Target, Nordstrom or any other retail chain around the world?  Answer: Global Product Placement!

Global Product Placement announces they will work with companies and retailers both large and small, finding the best possible match to create long term successful relationships. Global Product Placement’s accounts vary from Food to Non Food from Sea Food, Beef Jerky, Energy Drinks, Dairy Products, Infant Formula, Milk to Oil, Furniture, Electronic Guitars, Exercise Equipment etc. covering a large variety of products across the board.

Global Product Placement is GLOBAL with hubs in many parts of the globe and work with many retailers and chain stores outside the US. Daniel Velasco, Co-Founder/COO says, “We have approximately 240,000 points of distribution that we are working on, or with, and have expanded to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, UK, Vietnam, North, Central and South America inclusive of the Caribbean Islands and Mexico and we are constantly expanding our reach! These points of distribution range from Costco, Albertson’s / Super Value to Walgreen’s, Target, Shop-Ko, Nordstrom, Fred Meyer, Academy and Amazon, just to name a few.”

The strategic decision of how to present your product to retailers for potential retail distribution is critical to your success and should be made on the basis of sales effectiveness, efficiency and cost. You could just get a local rep or broker, or a national rep or broker, or a global rep or broker, OR you can get the experts in of the above! There are few companies out there that can match the amount of experience and relationships we have and will use for the benefit of your brand. Global Product Placement is in the business of facilitating successful and profitable business relationships between Vendors and Retailers ranging from Big Box like Costco, Walgreens, and Albertsons to C-Stores (Convenience Stores) like AM-PM, BP, Circle K and many others. Global Product Placement brings vendor products to retail markets and on to the consumer.

Brands, products and licensee’s alike would do well to keep an eye on Global Product Placement as we see many of their clients products and brands expanding quickly on to retail shelves around the world!


About Global Product Placement

Global Product Placement (GPP) was brought to life by three extremely successful and experienced businessmen. All three members (Terry Collier, Co-Founder/CEO – Daniel Velasco, Co-Founder/COO & Shaun Beattie, Co-Founder/President) have over 100+ years of combined experience in many different platforms and markets. Together the Global Product Placement Team has extensive experience in their fields and work closely with other members and clients to create the most effective and affordable marketing campaign for you. Global Product Placement’s seasoned representatives are strategically placed in key cities worldwide to better serve their customers needs with distribution outlet hubs in those cities.
“As world markets grow, so will GPP, always staying in front in a world that changes daily. Your success is our desire. GPP – The world is not Enough!” -Terry Collier, CEO Global Product Placement
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