About Global Product Placement

GPP was brought to life by three extremely successful and experienced businessmen. All three members have over 80 years of combined experience in many different platforms and markets.Together they deliver the success people and companies are searching for in todays business climate. GPP makes success reachable for everyone with a hands on approach . With a global network that covers all points of the world GPP will always be your best choice. GPP prides itself on listening to clients and delivering the success they seek. As world markets grow, so will GPP, always staying in front in a world that changes daily. Your success is our desire. GPP - The world is not Enough!

Meet our Team



Terry Collier is a highly qualified executive with 40 years of extensive business experience in building profitable relationships, efficient sales, and product/ account management for both national and international companies. Presently, co-founder and CEO of GPP, Terry is also President and CEO of Cold Mountain Group, Inc; on the Advisory Board of Green Car Automotive Co. and Filter2Go and on the Board of Directors for Global Resource Management. His wealth of expertise originated as Co-founder and Co-owner of United Communications Inc, one of the largest interconnect telecommunication companies in the Northwest. Read more about Terry…


Co-Founder/ COO

Daniel Velasco is known to many as an expert when it comes to Brand Management, Retail Distribution, Packaging and Promotion as well known for his Network of contacts in the Entertainment, Music and Sports World. Daniel has been successfully distributing renowned international brands to the Latin American Market for 25 years. As a founding member of Global Product Placement Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in food and product distribution. Read more about Daniel…



Shaun Beattie has spent the last 15 years devoted to international trade and product development with dozens of large companies and has owed business in Australia, USA and the UK. Shaun brings a wealth of experience, spanning decades, involving all aspects of business management, with emphasis on sales and business development. Global Product Placement benefits greatly from Shaun’s ‘hands on’ approach to managing both clients and business which has created increased company standards and profits! Read more about Shaun…