About Global Product Placement

Global Product Placement was conceived by 3 successful entrepreneurs seasoned with over 80 years of combined experience on numerous market levels and different platforms. GPP understands the challenges of placing each product on the right platforms in a constantly changing marketplace to bring you success. GPP are experts in this industry and pride their reputation on delivering results and maintaining lasting client relationships. As the global market grows, Global Product Placement grows. Your success is GPP’s success.

Product Retail Distribution

Global Product Placement already has the relationships in all industries. It is very important to understand a retailer before just throwing a product at them. Each retailer has a different business model, style, corporate culture and needs. We understand the types of products a retail outlet already carry and identify the exact place where your product would fit. Global Product Placement also understands how to make your product attractive both in terms of marketing and actual placement. We regularly work with retailers and even solve some of their problems by supplying products that fill a gap they may have or provide additional benefit to them.

Entertainment and Endorsement

Global Product Placement has dedicated our lives to the "in's and out's" of the endorsement and licensing world. So it only makes sense for us to partner up with the band or artist and make happen what they simply are not equipped to do! It is a great partnership! We understand that when it comes to endorsements for artists, it's all about the exposure for the endorsee. How many shows are you playing a year? How many people per average show? How good is your social media campaign? How good are your photos and videos? How influential are you among your peers and people who look up to you as a musician?